• TJBoyd

    Wiki Adoption

    March 18, 2014 by TJBoyd

    This is just a formality, but apparently before I adopt the wiki, I need to make this blog and make sure that all the regular users (Slice and I) agree that I should adopt the wiki.

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  • TJBoyd


    March 17, 2014 by TJBoyd

    This wiki gets its genres from iTunes. It doesn't use subgenres. ITunes isn't a perfect source, but it has a definite list of genres and eliminates the need for most judgment calls.

    To find the genre for a song, go to the iTunes store, type in the name of the song and look for the artists name on the side where it says "Artists and more". Underneath their name is a genre.

    I should also mention that the genre of certain artists/songs change every once in a while. For example, Pharrell and his song "Happy" changed from Hip-Hop/Rap to Pop and back to Hip-Hop/Rap again over the past few weeks. I check back with iTunes every week when I put the new week in to see if the genre has changed.

    I'll probably add more to this blog later.

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  • TJBoyd

    Censorship on the Hot 100 wiki

    December 30, 2013 by TJBoyd

    You may notice that many of the song titles on this wiki are censored. Such as, F**kin' Problems, My Hitta, F**kin' Perfect, etcetera. This is because the titles are transcribed letter for letter from the Billboard Magazine and website. This includes all typos, spelling errors, and even censorship. The correct title of the song can be found on it's page under "Alternate Title(s)". The page will then be put in a category titled "Songs with censored titles", "Songs with typos in the title", "Songs with missing apostrophes" or whatever category the page would fit in.

    As for the comments, blogs, chat room, and user pages, this wiki is censored to the minimal extent allowed by Wikia and The United States Law. So you can enjoy saying words …

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