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Welcome to the Billboard Hot 100 Wiki
The Hot 100 is a weekly American chart which has kept track of the most popular songs in the United States since 1958.  This wiki is in no way affiliated with Billboard.  Please feel free to add missing information to this wiki. For the time being, this wiki will not contain any information on the "Bubbling Under" charts. Contact one of our staff members: TJBoyd, SliceTHEcake, JPhil2.0, or MrAwesome300 if you are in need of assistance.
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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

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This is a relatively new wiki, so you can start by adding all the basic information that we can find on the archives found here. The current website contains information on the top 100 songs for each week. We would like any volunteers to write them into the wiki in the way shown here: January 4, 2014.
Why this Wiki will work
The Billboard Hot 100 is the Holy Grail of singles charts in the United States. However, most of it's data cannot be found for free on the internet (or anywhere else). This wiki already has some information that cannot be found on Billboards website without paying. When this wiki someday becomes complete, it will contain a page for every week from August 9, 1958 to the present. Each of those pages will list all 100 songs from that week. The wiki will also contain a page for every song and artist to ever chart on the Hot 100. Each of the songs and artists will be assigned a B-Score and a C-Score, which we will go into detail about on their own articles whenever another user joins and messages us (TJBoyd and SliceTHEcake). Each of the songs and artists will also receive rankings to show where they stand compared to other songs and artists in their time period. Never before has the internet seen a free comprehensive guide to the entire history of the Hot 100. And THAT is why this wiki will work.

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  • TJBoyd

    Wiki Adoption

    March 18, 2014 by TJBoyd

    This is just a formality, but apparently before I adopt the wiki, I need to make this blog and make sure that all the regular users (Slice and I) agree that I should adopt the wiki.

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  • TJBoyd


    March 17, 2014 by TJBoyd

    This wiki gets its genres from iTunes. It doesn't use subgenres. ITunes isn't a perfect source, but it has a definite list of genres and eliminates the need for most judgment calls.

    To find the genr…

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  • TJBoyd

    Censorship on the Hot 100 wiki

    December 30, 2013 by TJBoyd

    You may notice that many of the song titles on this wiki are censored. Such as, F**kin' Problems, My Hitta, F**kin' Perfect, etcetera. This is because the titles are transcribed letter for letter f…

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