There are three types of scoring systems used in this wiki, the A-Score, B-Score, and C-Score.


The A-Score is an almost meaningless score that very few songs have. 1 point is given to the #1 song each week. That is it. A-Score's are highly unreliable in showing the success of a song because some are highly successful without ever having to hit #1. For example, "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rhymes had the highest B-Score of 1997, but had an A-Score of zero. The plus side of A-Score system is that it is very easy to retrieve and calculate.


The B-Score is usually the scoring system one would have to resort to. 55 points are awarded each week. 10 to the song at 1st place. 9 to the song at 2nd place. And so on until we give 1 to the song at 10th place. This is the scoring system most used because it is more accurate and in depth than A-Score. While being more accessible and fast to calculate than the C-Score.


The C-Score is the most in depth and accurate of the systems. 5,050 points are given each week. Every song on the Hot-100 gets a C-Score. 100 points is given to the 1st place song. 99 points is given to the second place song. And so on until the 100th place song gets 1 point. As you can guess, this takes forever and is extremely tedious to calculate. Not only that, but Billboard keeps much of the information outside of the top ten away from people who wont pay, so unless somebody has some old magazines lying around or somebody has been copying the charts week by week as they appear, C-Scores are going to be out of reach for most time spans.

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